I Think I’ve Been Spammed by Netster.comtghfgfgfgv
In the course of picking up expired domain names, we occasionally acquire a domain that may have been used previously by third parties as the “remove” or sometimes “from” address in Spam sent by people unrelated to Netster.com. We are very much opposed to spamming, and we do not and never have engaged in this practice. Some unethical spammers use fictitious links and/or redirecting characters in the “from” and or “reply to” section of an offending e-mail to try to fool people into believing that the origin of the e-mail is different than it really is. We assure you we are not the source of any Spam you might receive, even if Netster.com is shown as the address in the “remove,” “from” or “reply to” section of the e-mail. We do not Spam, PERIOD! To learn more about how Spam can appear to come from a source other than the actual sender. Please help us combat any false appearance that Spam has originated from Netster.com. If you have received any such Spam, please forward it to us at , so we can try to track it down and end it. To learn more about how spammers obscure their identity, please click here. Please carefully research a Spam e-mail before making any accusations or attributing blame, as accusing a reputable Internet company of sending Spam is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theatre. button3

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